1. Each bus partner has distinct cancellation policies that are established by the bus partner themselves. These terms are displayed during the booking process as well as on the printed ticket and email confirmation.

2. The deadline for canceling a bus ticket is determined by the time of the bus, the time at the boarding location, or the time at the bus origin.

3. Please review the cancellation policies listed to each bus on the search page.

4. Online ticket purchases should only be canceled online.

5. In addition to what the bus partner charges for each canceled seat, will charge Rs. 9 as a cancellation fee.

6. The lower fare is not subject to cancellation fees; only the regular fare is. The collected/discounted fare is reduced by the cancellation fees, and the remaining amount is returned. [For instance: If your discounted fare is Rs. 400 and your original ticket fare is Rs. 500, the cancellation fees are based on the original fare, or Rs. 500. In this case, your refund would be Rs. 500 - 100 - 15 = Rs. 385 if the cancellation fees are 10%.]

7. Some bus partners are amenable to partial cancellation. Please review the ticket's cancellation terms.

8. After a ticket is confirmed, it cannot be postponed or delayed.

9. The insurance premium is not refundable in the event that a ticket is canceled.

10. Service fees and service tax are not refundable for canceled tickets or services.


1. Refunds for canceled tickets are sent to the user's bank account, debit, credit, or ITZ card, depending on how the tickets were purchased.

2. When tickets are canceled, all refunds are handled automatically. This money may not be credited to your account or card by your bank for 5-7 business days.

3. We kindly ask you to send an email to with the ticket details/order details and credit/debit/Wallet statement (in PDF format) from the date of booking to the present if the refund money is not credited to your account within 7 working days of the date of the refund. We will give you the assistance you need to have the refund money credited back to your account.

4. Passengers who "No-Show" (i.e., fail to arrive at the designated boarding location by the deadline) will not be issued a refund.

5. If the consumer cancels the tickets, any transaction fees or ticket delivery fees collected will not be returned.

6. If a bus or service trip is canceled by the bus partner, will help the passenger find an alternate service, pending availability. will only be responsible to the passenger to the extent of refunding the amount paid by the passenger for the cost of the ticket if an alternative is not offered.

7. The provisions and amenities listed on, such as the video, air conditioning, water bottle, and other services, are there to assist you in making an informed choice. Any refunds or claims resulting from the non-operation or absence of these services must be resolved directly with the bus service provider.


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